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Treatment for alcohol and drug abuse in Indonesia on the island of Bali, by Russian-speaking specialists

Welcome to the official website of the center of rehabilitation and social adaptation of "Liberty Island» (Island of freedom - here comes your freedom). Rehabilitation program for chemical addiction people call today. The name of the center of "Liberty Island" speaks for itself. We invite you to take a course  that  is not medical  but psychological rehabilitation program for people with chemical dependency in Bali, Indonesia.

Why do  they  choose us?

rehabilitation on Bali
  • Rehabilitation is  carried  by  Russian-speaking specialists with experience in leading drug treatment centers in Russia for more than 5 years;
  • For each client individually chosen rehabilitation course (1 month);
  • We do not  guarantee  because  we  are  working with people, not a commodity;
  • Rehabilitation course is conducted at the Villa Pondok Wisata Canang Sari, which is included in the top 20 villas of Bali;
  • For the citizens of Russia issued a visa on the  arrival to the island;
  • In addition to effective psychological program we offer - an excellent five-single meals, excursions, participation in sports for all tastes: surfing, diving, rafting, fitness, Balinese massage, yoga and meditation in the mountains, English courses, magnificent nature and the pure ocean;
  • Before the rehabilitation course, we offer an effective painless detoxification at the bases of the best drug treatment center in Moscow (as well as in Israel or Serbia);
  • If a person does not wish to undergo treatment and rehabilitation, our specialists use a unique technology of persuasion and in 99% get a positive result;
  • The quality and comfort of staying in the center is of far superior value;
  • Ability to complete the rehabilitation course, along with their families;
  • Absolute confidentiality and anonymity;
  • After a steady course of rehabilitation out-patient work of psychologists is carried out.
  • After the phase of rehabilitation, we provide customer support for 2 years;

And also:

Excellent accommodation and five-single meals, sightseeing and hiking, playing sports for everyone: surfing, diving, rafting, fitness, Balinese massage, yoga and meditation in the mountains, English courses, interesting leisure activities, wonderful nature and clean sea.

 For more information about rehabilitation on  Bali, you can contact by phone  +7 (499) 506-98-18